Josh Channon - Strategist

Josh’s Once Were Kings Apple & Herb Stuffing

This extraordinary stuffing – an elite form of edible taxidermy – is for a luxurious Christmas feast but can be eaten year round. It was introduced to me by a friend at university as we celebrated Christmas in dilapidated student halls. As snow fell outside and mice gathered behind damp walls preparing to ransack the leftoversthis supreme side dish had no business sharing a paper plate with Sainsbury’s Basics Turkey Ballotine. But in that moment this simple dish elevated us and we were kings.


1 white onion 

1 cooking apple 

0.5kg pork mince 

2 cups of breadcrumbs soaked in milk 

Two handfuls of fresh sage

Thyme and garlic 


  • It all starts with a white onion. Grate it together with a cooking apple and fry them in butter.
  • Take a half kilo of pork mince and couple of cups of breadcrumbs pre-soaked in milk. Season generously, mix together, and add to the pan. 
  •  Now add plenty of fresh sage, and some thyme and garlic if you have it.  
  • Either use it to stuff your chicken or turkey or keep frying until it all turns golden to be eaten separately.