WHAM Cooks

Welcome to WHAM Cooks, a collection of fabulous recipes produced by WHAM folk. Scroll down, cook up, enjoy!

Gemma Zhang - Designer

Gemma’s Homemade Tangyuan

Mira Kanabar - Senior Strategist

Sunday’s Black Dhal

Mira Kanabar - Senior Strategist

Mira’s Avocado Rotis

Mira Kanabar - Senior Strategist

Garlic Mogo

Josh Channon - Strategist

Josh’s Once Were Kings Apple & Herb Stuffing

Ruby Brewster - Designer

Ruby’s Lovely Lebanese Loubieh Dish

Lucy Bradbury - Designer

Lucy’s Perfectly Formed Veggie Dumplings

Katie Wilson - Designer

Katie’s Pavlova – A Nice Slice of Home

Alex McReynolds - Executive Creative Designer

Goodness, Gracious, Alex’s Meatballs of Fire

Hanna Jenkins - Head of Strategy

Hanna’s Makin’ Bacon (and Eggs) Kiwi Pie

Kattia Amar - Account Manager

Kattia’s Peppers Stuffed with Herbs & Minced Meat

Hannah Midas - Account Manager

Hannah’s Spiced Roast Goose & Roast Potatoes

Trang Nguyen - Management Accountant

Trang’s Lockdown Almond Banana Bread

Natasha Fox - Producer

Natasha’s Delicious Spicy Sausage Rolls

Sue Msallem - Account Manager

Sue’s Green Pancakes with Lime Butter

Gemma Zhang - Designer

Gemma’s Aromatic Beef With Potatoes & Carrots

Georgia Fink - Executive Assistant

Georgia’s Traditional Christmas Cake

Gary Lin - Creative Director

Gary’s Sweet Potato Short Crust Pastry

Reis Reffold - Designer

Reis’ Irregular Buns

Anoushka Jahangiri - Art Director

Anoushka’s Olive and Pancetta Power Pasta

Mira Kanabar - Senior Strategist

Mama K’s Classic Squidgy Brownies

Marine Thebault - Designer

Marine’s Creamy Mushroom Ramen

Violaine Lemasson - Account Director

Violaine’s Scallops on Leeks Fondue

Alex Bass - Head of Copy

Alex’s Heirloom Ginger Biscuits

Jemma Appleby - Project Co-ordinator

Jem’s Slow ‘n’ Spiced Apple(by) Chutney