In 2003, WHAM created the mobile brand Three, establishing its category-defining position as the ‘Mobile Consumer Champion’. We’ve remained Three’s global brand guardian ever since, overseeing the brand’s evolution across the globe.
Recently we refreshed the brand, creating two key creative concepts that have been adopted in all markets — ‘Threeality’ and ‘Living Colour’. WHAM’s goal in creating these was to reinvigorate Three’s digital-first identity for the next generation of consumers.
‘Threeality’ is a concept placing Three at the intersection of the physical and digital worlds, while ‘Living Colour’ is a fresh new approach to the use of colour, light and energy.
In conjunction with a new global position we developed – ‘Born to Be Better’ – the creative concepts of ‘Threeality’ and ‘Living Colour’ provide a platform which allows each Three business and their agencies to create a stand out look, feel and attitude, regardless of where each business is in the world, who its competitors are, or what its target audience is.
Below you will see some examples of our original ‘Threeality’ and ‘Living Colour’ brand refresh work, and examples of how local agencies such as Wieden+Kennedy (UK), Boys + Girls (Ireland) and Someone (UK) have taken WHAM’s work and applied it locally.